The Royal Commission Interim Report was released on 30 June 2014.

Introduction to the report

When a child is sexually abused while in the care of an institution, the impact can be devastating and last for a lifetime. It can leave a traumatic legacy for a victim’s family and for future generations. Child sexual abuse affects the entire community and diminishes the trust we place in our institutions. That trust is further eroded when an institution fails to appropriately respond to the victim’s needs.

Although there have previously been some inquiries with limited terms of reference, in recent years it became clear to the Australian community that there needed to be a broad-ranging national response. On 11 January 2013, Her Excellency Quentin Bryce, (then) Governor-General, appointed the Royal Commission to inquire into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.

The Royal Commission was required, through private sessions and public hearings, to bear witness to the abuse and trauma inflicted on children who suffered sexual abuse in an institutional context. We must also identify and focus our inquiry and recommendations on systemic issues. Drawing upon the experience of individuals and the investigation of systemic issues, we are required to make recommendations that will provide a just response for people who have been sexually abused and ensure institutions achieve best practice in protecting children in the future.

This interim report discusses the work we have already completed and what we have learned so far. We do not yet have enough information to make recommendations. The report outlines what we must do to fulfil our terms of reference and the time and resources we will need to complete the task. Bearing witness to past wrongs, seeking just responses for those affected now and in the future, and creating a safer place for our children guide the work of the Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission Interim Report

Volume 1 outlines why we are here, what we have done, what we’re learning and what we need to do next.

Volume 2 includes the personal stories of 150 people who shared their experience of abuse by coming to a private session or providing a written account. They have been chosen as a representative group and all names and other identifying features have been changed. This volume also includes a selection of de-identified poetry given to us by survivors.

You can download a copy of the Interim Report or view it below.

Download Volume 1

[ PDF PDF 455 kB ]

Download Volume 2

[ PDF PDF 219 kB ]

Alternatively, you can view the report on the Royal Commission website.

Volume 1


Volume 2


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