If you’ve read our page Why you might consider getting a pet, you’ve already heard a bit about how pets can have a huge positive impact on our lives. If you know first hand what we’re talking about, we invite you to share with us your stories about your pets. We want to know what you appreciate about them, and the difference they have made to your life, so we can honour them on this page.

My Dog – “Misty Blue”

John and Misty Blue

John and Misty Blue

Like many other survivors of childhood abuse, I lived my life in silence. Over the years, I developed problems with issues of trust, in friendships and relationships. I have never been a “people person”, at all.

My Queensland Blue Cattle-dog, “Misty Blue” came into my life just shy of two years ago. I had already broken my silence, and was helping the police investigation into the abuse that I had endured as a child and teenager. At one point I was asked to confront the perpetrator, wearing a recording device, to collect evidence against him. The day after I completed this most important and difficult task, my loving wife brought “Misty Blue” home for me. The damaged 8y/o child within me was delighted, and I thought that “Misty Blue” was indeed, a very special dog.

When we got her, she was tiny, sickly, starved, and riddled with fleas and worms. The first two nights that she stayed with us, I slept on a bean-bag with her, keeping her warm and cosy. With worming, de-fleaing, good food, warmth, and a visit to the vet, she rapidly became healthier and playful.

Since then, “Misty Blue” has taught me a lot about trust, friendship and unconditional love. She excitedly greets me, at the front gate every day, when I get home from work. She loves to sit near me at night, cuddled up, playing or “grooming” me, and she often sneaks onto my bed at night, to snuggle up between my wife and I. When I am doing work around the yard, she follows me around, and is my constant companion.

She is a faithful, loyal, non-judgmental friend, and has really become part of my family, AND my support!

27th July, 2013

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  1. Comment by Elaine Riley

    Elaine Riley Reply September 3, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    I have had so many animals in my life that it’s hard to say which one is my favorite. As a child there was Lassie like the one on T.V. then her son Pete and champ. Then I’ve had cats galore. My favorite cat would sit at my front door, look at me and when he meowed it sounded like he said mama. Lol. I knew then he wanted to go outside. I video taped it, but, have lost the tape. He was very special to our whole family. Your pets are your family. When we had our dog Lassie she protected the whole family. Every time a burglar came around which wasn’t too often she let us know and protected all of us. Pets are beautiful. So let’s give then the respect they deserve. :-)

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