Living Well has, in the past, held two poster competitions aimed at raising awareness of male sexual abuse and sexual assault. Living Well invited artists, where ever they were in the world, to create a unique and meaningful poster or piece of visual media that would increase public discussion, awareness, support and hope for men sexually abused in childhood.

Poster competitions - Living Well & 1in6In 2012 Living Well and 1in6, Inc. held the ‘Let’s talk…’ Poster/Visual Media Competition.
You can read more about this competition below.
A gallery of the submitted posters
The competition results

In 2011 we held our original poster competition with the theme
‘Sexual abuse is something that I experienced… It’s not who I am.’
About the competition
A gallery of the submitted posters
The competition results

‘Let’s talk…’

Research tells us that 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused in childhood, and that on average men will take 22 years to tell someone about it, 10 years longer than women. When men do come forward, they often speak of how limited public discussion of this issue adds to a sense of isolation and desperation.

One of the challenges we face as services working with men sexually abused in childhood is to find ways to publicly name the issue, and acknowledge the profound impact that sexual abuse can have, without adding to men’s sense of hopelessness. At 1in6 and Living Well we see our work as hopeful, transformative, and life supporting. Our aim in regards to this competition was to reward and promote art, posters and visual media that enhance the public conversation on this important issue.

Competition details

$1500 in total prize money was awarded to the artists that best express the theme:

‘1 in 6 men were sexually abused in childhood: Let’s talk…’

We were delighted to welcome forty creative and innovative entries in both poster and video format.

$1500 in Prize Money

  • 1st prize – $1000 (Awarded by Competition Panel)
  • Runner up – $250 (Awarded by Competition Panel)
  • People’s choice – $250
  • Submissions to be received by Monday 1st of October 2012
  • Winners to be announced on late October 2012 [to be confirmed]

Competition panel

Poster competitions: Let's Talk...

Additional info

Accepted posters/visual media have been posted to the Competition Entries page of this site to support voting for the people’s choice. We encourage you to check out the work of those who entered!

We would like to express our thanks to Peter for generously supplying the music for our short video.


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