A guide for victims of crime in Queensland

Everyone is affected differently by a traumatic event such as a violent crime. There are a wide range of normal responses you may go through and your feelings may differ from day to day. Some days you may feel like you can cope and other days you may feel like you have difficulty doing everyday things. It is also normal for people who have witnessed the incident and family and friends of the victim to experience similar reactions. Below is a booklet that may be of help.

Victim Assist Queensland (Department of Justice and Attorney General) provides assistance for victims of crime in Queensland to help them to recover from the effects of a violent crime and get their lives back on track. Victim Assist Queensland is part of the Queensland Government’s Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

This booklet has been written by Victim Assist Queensland for you, the victim of crime, and your friends and family who may have been directly or indirectly affected by a violent crime.

Violent crimes are not just offences like assault, robbery and murder. Violent crimes also include sexual assault or abuse, stalking and kidnapping, death caused by dangerous driving and violence that happens at home or in your family.

In this booklet you will find information on support available to you, including information on where to go for counselling and legal support. You will also find information on your rights as a victim of crime and how you may be able to apply for financial assistance from Victim Assist Queensland to help cover the costs of your recovery.

This booklet also aims to explain as simply as possible how the criminal justice system in Queensland works for victims of crime, from the time a crime is reported to the police to when a matter is going through court.

The guide will take you through

  • The impact of violent crime on you and your family.
  • Support services available to you and your family.
  • Reporting the crime to the police.
  • Your rights as a victim of crime.
  • Financial assistance to help recovery.
  • Going to court as a witness.
  • Protecting you and your family.



Download the PDF booklet Guide for victims of crime [ 748 PDF KB].

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