Some exciting videos from 1in6.org

Watch the cast of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit (a show with 40 million viewers) speaking about sexual abuse of males:

Check out the great work that the team at 1in6 is doing in the U.S. The CNN link is truly inspiring. Here, you have three men in influential positions, all who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, speaking publicly about the challenges men subjected to sexual violence can face, followed by Harrison Ford lending his support to the 1in6 Public Service Announcement.

U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts revealed he was sexually abused in his book “Against All Odds,” which came out this week. The disclosure spotlights the difference between the way boys and men handle violations compared to girls and women. CNN’s Don Lemon spoke with David Lisak, a member of the group 1in6.org and an abuse survivor himself, about why male victims tend to not expose the sexual offences against them. Watch the video and read the full article on CNN.


Public Service Announcement

Harrison Ford Lends Voice to a PSA from 1in6.org on Men Sexually Abused as Boys


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