Practical steps that can help you today

Eat fresh, wholesome foods

Living well means living healthy. We know from research that whatever your difficulties, being down, going through tough times, dealing with overwhelming and distressing memories, eating well and exercising are practical strategies that help get you back on track. Eating well and exercising will increase your energy and ability to focus. Click the buttons below to find a range of articles on health, nutrition, fitness and other good habits designed specifically to assist men to Live Well.

Teen Topics include are you ready for sex, the effects of drugs, acne, avoiding man boobs, coming out, safe drinking, etc.
Men 19-39 Topics include “Couch to 5k,” get fit military style, sexual health, beat stress at work, healthy takeaways, etc.
Men 40-60 Topics include midlife crisis, keep the passion alive, lose weight, quit smoking, lower your cholesterol, etc.
Men 60-plus Topics include eat well, walk your way to health, lower your cholesterol, know your prostate, sex doctor, etc.

Other Health Websites

QLD Health & Wellbeing
Tips from QLD Health to help you stay happy, healthy and active. Check out the Men’s Health section.

Better Health Channel
Provides health and medical information to help individuals and their communities improve their health and wellbeing.

Features podcasts, recipes, quotes, brain teasers, and daily news. Covers topics such as health, self, food, travel, community, environment, culture and more.

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