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It is with great pleasure that Living Well and 1in6.org come together to announce the results of our 2012 Poster/Visual Media Competition. We would like to commend all of the artists who contributed entries and all those who participated in supporting the competition.

For us, it is the whole collection of posters that make this a winning competition. The entries have generated much discussion and helped expand our thinking in relation to the variety of ways to name and address this year’s competition theme of ‘Let’s Talk…’

The competition panel, in making our decision, wish to acknowledge and honor the People’s Choice award winner Rafal and highly commend the contributions of Anosh, Kamil, Linh and Helena. Living Well and 1in6 thank everyone for helping to further promote public discussion of the issue childhood sexual abuse.

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1st Prize Mateusz (Poland) Awarded $1000

Mateusz's Entry “I am tremendously honoured and happy that you decided to award my submission a prize.
In my graphic design work I usually cooperate with NGO’s from different fields. One of them is the Polish “Sparrow Foundation” that works in the field of sex education of teenagers and children. My girlfriend recently became a member of their team of sex educators working in Lodz’s schools. When I saw the advert for the competition, I was really shocked by the main message of the campaign: that 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused in childhood.
The scale of the problem and the social taboo surrounding it prompted me to work on the poster. Presenting a phonebook page with highlighted names was in my opinion the best graphical embodiment for the two main points of the campaign: the statistics’ part showing the scale of the problem and the message you want to spread, that is: “Let’s stop the silence. Let’s talk.”
— Mateusz


People’s Choice: Rafal (Poland) Awarded $250

“WOW!!! I’m startled about the competition results and never thought I would win the people’s choice.
Thank you very much for the good news. The reason I entered the competition is that I think the aim and the theme are very important for men around the world. In our male-centered society, the voice of men who were sexually abused in childhood is not present in public discourse. The main goal is to support people to talk more freely about their experiences. It is all about helping people to participate in society without grief and shame.
I wanted to make the poster as universal and neutral as possible. Moreover, I wanted to underline that people who have been abused live among us as ordinary people, often hiding behind a mask that is very difficult to remove. That’s why I think making a space, even if it is only on the web, where men can take these masks off is so important. I hope that such action will also become possible in other cultures, Poland for example.”
— Rafal

2nd Prize Mandy (Awarded $250)

Mandy's Entry

Highly Commended


Anosh's Entry


Kamil's Entry


Linh's Entry

Helena’s 2nd entry

Helena's Entry


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