‘It’s not your fault,’ men talk about living beyond the effects of sexual abuse’ is a book for men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. It shares stories of survival, hope and healing.

It is helpful for professionals, family members or friends who may be supporting male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The booklet addresses the strong sense of shame and self blame men can feel about being subjected to child sexual abuse.

It explains the:

  • Abuse of power that occurs during sexual abuse
  • Effects of manipulation and betrayal
  • Ways young people and adults have acted to protect themselves from painful effects of abuse.

There is a strong message that men are much more than the sexual abuse they were subjected to and the effects it has on their lives.

The booklet draws heavily on the thoughts and experiences of men who have accessed Respond SA’s counselling and group work program.

A message from the men who have contributed to this booklet

Research tells us that one in six young males have been sexually abused. You might have picked up this book because you might be one of them. Not talking about sexual abuse hasn’t helped anybody and we want to make it really clear that it is okay to talk about being sexually abused. It is important to understand that you are not alone. There are others travelling this road who will walk with you and help relieve the loneliness and isolation that you may experience.

Picking up this book might be your first step in changing your life. Or you might be well on your way to already changing your life. Whatever the case, it is a brave step and it is worth recognising the courage you have shown in taking steps to change your life.

You might see that there are things not going right in your life. You might be asking yourself questions like ‘Why am I angry?’ or ‘Why do I feel the way I do?’ This book can help you answer those questions and may help you to better understand what you are feeling and experiencing.

We know from our own experience that it is possible to move beyond the abuse and the effects that we experience. We encourage you to read this book. However, if you’d rather talk to someone,
please refer to the back of this book for contact details of services that can help and support you as you take this journey.


Download the pdf [ PDF 1.08 MB]

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