The following list of feelings and emotions is taken from the book Feeling Angry Playing Fair (1998) by Ken McMaster, Reed, Auckland – available online at http://www.hma.co.nz/publications-and-resources/publications/feeling-angry-playing-fair.asp
This book is an excellent resource for men looking to better understand and manage anger in general and particularly in relation to partner relationships.

Comfortable Feelings

alive  amused  anxious  calm  cheerful  content  delighted  ecstatic  excited fantastic  fine  fortunate  friendly  glad  good  great  hopeful  loving optimistic  peaceful  pleased  proud  relaxed  relieved  satisfied  thankful thrilled  turned-on  up  warm  wonderful

Difficult Feelings

angry  apathetic  awful  bad  blue  crushed  depressed  disappointed  dissatisfied  disturbed  down  embarrassed  gloomy  glum  hate  hopeless  hurt  lonely  lost  low  miserable  painful  sorry  terrible  turned-off  uneasy  unhappy  unloved  upset

Confused Feelings

anxious  awkward  baffled  bothered  crazy  dazed  depressed  disorganised  disoriented  distracted  disturbed  embarrassed  frustrated  helpless  lost  mixed-up  panicky  paralysed  puzzled  stuck  surprised  trapped  uncertain  uncomfortable  unsure  upset  weak

Vulnerable Feelings

ashamed  bored  confused  defenceless  discouraged  embarrassed  exhausted  fragile  frail  frustrated  guilty  helpless  horrible  ill  impotent  inadequate  insecure  lifeless  loss  overwhelmed  powerless  quiet  run down  shaky  shy  sick  timid  tired  unsure  useless  weak  wishy washy  worn out

Angry Feelings

aggravated  annoyed  burned up  critical  disgusted  enraged  envious  exasperated  fed up  frustrated  fuming  furious  impatient  indignant  mad  mean  offended  pissed off  resentful  riled  sore  sullen

Scared Feelings

afraid  anxious  awed  chicken  confused  fearful  frightened  horrified  insecure  intimidated  jumpy  lonely  nervous  panicky  shaky  shy  stunned  tense  terrified  threatened  timid  uneasy  unsure  worried

Strong Feelings

active  aggressive  alert  angry  bold  brave  capable  confident  determined  energetic  happy  healthy  intense  loud  loved  mean  open  positive  potent

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