Royal Commission to start private sessions

May 6th, 2013 by

Media release from the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will commence an important phase of its operations next week with survivors of child sexual abuse in institutions being given the opportunity to relate their experiences directly to Commissioners in face to face private sessions.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, Ms Janette Dines, said today that private sessions will not only assist the Commission to deepen its understanding of the circumstances of abuse in institutions but more importantly, are a chance for individuals to tell their story. "These sessions will be conducted in complete privacy. The information a person provides will be kept confidential unless they agree to it being made public," said Ms Dines. Ms Dines stressed that private sessions are very informal and people do not need a lawyer. People can however bring a support person with them.

The Royal Commission will travel around Australia conducting private sessions in capital cities and regional locations. The private sessions commence in Sydney on 7 May 2013 and are likely to run for many months. The Royal Commission is also hoping to hold private sessions in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in the coming months. "As soon as we have enough people registered in a particular location we will make arrangements to travel to that place" Ms Dines said. "I particularly encourage people in Brisbane and Adelaide to get in touch with us". Details of private sessions in other States will be released soon.

Ms Dines said that many people have already come forward to register their interest in telling the Royal Commission of their experiences and Royal Commission officers are working hard to call all of those people back as quickly as possible. "I want to assure people who have already called that we will get back to them".

Individuals and organisations on behalf of one or more individuals who wish to tell the Royal Commission of their experiences of child sexual abuse in an institutional context are invited to register their interest in doing so by:

  • Telephoning 1800 099 340
  • Writing to GPO Box 5283, Sydney NSW 2001
  • Emailing [email protected]


Report: They did not believe me

May 2nd, 2013 by

This is an important and timely Australian report released today, entitled ‘They Did Not Believe Me’: Adult Survivors’ Perspectives of Child Sexual Abuse by Personnel in Christian Institutions, by Dr Jodi Death.

Child sexual abuse (CSA) in Christian Institutions continues to be of serious concern in public, criminal justice and institutional discourse. This study was conducted in conjunction with Project Kidsafe Foundation and sought the perspectives of Australian survivors of CSA by Personnel in Christian Institutions (PICIs).

Read more below, or download the PDF.



New website

March 21st, 2013 by

We are pleased to announce the launch of this the latest version of our website, including a new dedicated mobile version. If you find any broken links as we finalise everything, please let us know. We would also very much welcome suggestions about how we might further improve this resource. We invite you to contact us.


1 day workshop

February 28th, 2013 by

We are pleased to offer a One Day Professional Training Workshop in Brisbane on 23rd of May 2013. The workshop is designed specifically to ‘Build worker confidence and competence in working with men who have been sexually abused in childhood.’

Read more and sign up.


Men’s group

February 18th, 2013 by

Our next Men’s Group starts on the 2nd of May 2013. This group is an opportunity for men to meet and talk with other men who have had similar experiences in a professionally facilitated and supported environment. For more information see the Men’s group page.


Royal commission terms of reference

January 11th, 2013 by

The terms of reference for the Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse were announced by Prime Minster Julia Gillard on the 11th of January 2013. Living Well welcomes this Royal Commission and continues to emphasise a need for appropriate support for all Australian who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual assault.


Royal commission – Support needs

November 30th, 2012 by

In response to the Royal Commission, Living Well is receiving increased requests for counselling & support. Although we have limited resources, we endeavour to respond to requests for assistance as soon as we possibly can. We encourage visitors to browse our site, to make use of and download our free resources, booklet, mindfulness strategies, etc. Plus, tell us if there is more information you would like. Our concern is for the well being of those who have been sexually abused and their supporters – Read our submission to the Royal Commission.


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