Music moves us.
Music unites us.
Music changes lives.
And sometimes, music can help to change the world.

1BlueString is a joint initiative of 1in6 (USA) and Living Well (Australia), to promote awareness and support for men sexually abused in childhood and for their partners, family and friends.

Research tells us that 1 in 6 men are sexually abused in childhood and that it can have a profound effect on their lives and relationships, often leaving them feeling isolated. Men, when they do come forward, speak of the importance of encouragement and hope and knowing that support is out there.

To help increase awareness and symbolise community support for men and their loved ones, 1BlueString is inviting guitarists to replace one of the six strings on their guitar (1in6), the low E (top) string, with one blue string.

Become part of a community of support offering encouragement and hope

Register at 1bluestring.org.uk and receive one blue string, picks and information for free.

1BlueString: Raising awareness for male sexual abuse

Share info about 1BlueString

This is the engine for the campaign. Upload a photo of your one blue guitar string, pick or other promotional material at 1BlueString.org.uk and then click to share via social media.

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