We understand that it can be difficult to talk with someone and access support in relation to an experience of sexual assault. Our counsellors are here to provide a supportive, professional service that assists you to get on with your life. Living Well has the following requirements for all online counsellors it employs:

  • Must have successfully completed a four-year undergraduate degree (minimum) in Psychology, Social Work or related Allied Health Counselling disciplines.
  • Required to demonstrate at least 1300 hours of direct client counselling experience in a relevant field.
  • Acceptable Australian Federal Police Criminal clearance.
  • Working with Children Check (Qld Blue Card) or Exemption Card.
  • Upon employment be able to sign the Commonwealth Government Statutory Declaration for Confidential and Privileged Information.
  • All counsellors have had training in adapting counselling styles to effectively utilise an electronic medium.
  • All counsellors are also required to undergo ongoing supervision.

Our counsellors are:

  • Gary Foster
  • Heather Lord
  • Cate Harvey
  • Jessica Decker
  • Keith Ung
  • Gillian Meteyard

More information about our counsellors is available on the Staff and team page.

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