Thank you for considering taking part in the below survey. The research is intended to help better understand men’s experiences and to improve community responses to men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault. Your contribution is very important to us.

This survey has two clear purposes, first to help improve our understanding of men’s experiences of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault and second to find out how boys and men may be better supported in the future.

Involvement in the research is voluntary. We estimate that participation in the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time. In working through the questions, please take care to prioritise your own safety and well being at all times. Although the questions are general in nature, we recognise that providing any information about an experience of sexual abuse or sexual assault can be unsettling. Whilst the information you provide is important to us, your well being is of greater importance.

For your information, no identifiable information will be requested or required in order to complete the survey. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address will also not be collected. Once the information you provide has been submitted, we will be unable to identify, withdraw or remove that information. We will ensure that any potentially identifiable information you provide to us in the survey remains confidential. No identifiable information will be available to researchers conducting data analysis. You are welcome to discuss participation in this study with the Manger of Living Well, Dr Gary Foster, on (07) 3028 4648.

Please read our privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions

By completing the below survey, you will be giving consent to the detailed terms and conditions.

  • I have been given clear information about the study, and understand what it means to participate.
  • I understand that my participation in this research will involve completing the following survey which will take approximately 20 minutes.
  • I understand that once I have submitted information, I will not be able to have my response withdrawn.
  • I am aware that I may ask any further questions about the research study at any time.
  • I understand that the information provided will be confidential and stored securely and will only be accessible by the research team
  • I agree that the research data gathered from this project may be published in a form that does not identify me in any way.

Thank you for your assistance in agreeing to participate in this important research project.

Trigger Warning

Please note that some of the questions in the survey below could be triggering for some people who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. Do not read further if questions about your experience could cause more stress than you can manage. If at any time you feel you need to talk to someone, please contact us for a free face to face, telephone or web-based counselling session.


Mens experiences survey
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  1. Comment by Anonymous

    Anonymous Reply June 20, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    I’m looking forward to takin the survey.

    • Comment by Jess [Living Well Staff]

      Jess [Living Well Staff] Reply June 20, 2014 at 4:07 pm

      Thanks so much for your patience while we finalised the survey. It is now ready!

  2. Comment by David

    David Reply May 16, 2018 at 6:34 am

    I hope that one day, men like me can be truly understood in the pain we kept inside and though we may not show it, we are equally as vulnerable as anyone else.

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