Survey regarding men’s experiences

We need your help. We are currently conducting a survey regarding men’s experiences of sexual abuse and sexual assault and what has been helpful or useful in dealing with this. The information that is collected will be analysed and used for the specific purpose of improving services to men who have experienced child sexual abuse or sexual assault, and to partners, friends and family. We would, therefore, appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete this survey.

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Website feedback survey

We are very keen to make this website a useful resource that you will enjoy coming back to, and would recommend to others. We would appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to let us know how we are doing and how we can improve the site. You can complete the survey at the link below.

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Services for men survey

At Living Well we recognise the value of quality support to people who have been subjected to childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault, and to their partners, friends and family. Therefore, in partnership with the University of Queensland, we initiated research in order to establish a better picture of the types of services that are currently responding to men and their supporters, and to identify what particular resources have been found to be useful. To assist us with this important research please complete the survey now.

Take the Services for men survey

Royal Commission survey

This project has now been completed. It was commissioned to assist in informing the Royal Commission about strategies to improve therapeutic and supportive services for people who have experienced institutional childhood sexual abuse. The purpose of the research was to explore how people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse seek support.

You can read the results of the survey at the below link.

Pathways to Support Services for Victims/Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and their families

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  1. Comment by david brian

    david brian Reply February 7, 2019 at 8:49 am

    i am sorry, i am male. i was in a domestic voilent relationship where as i was the victim not the monster, the police in my town not once listen to my crys for help, nore did doc’s, or even the public health system as there is nothing in place in my town for a man who suffered violence or sexual attacks of this nature, it sounds unbelievable i know, even to me “but” it is true

    i am an honest, loving, caring male, i am 34 years old and i have never been violent or in a fight where i physically hurt a male/or female in my 34 years of life, im one who could defend himself strongly but never chosen that as an outcome i dont ever want to hurt anyone, i can not even hate the people i should feel hate towards

    it took me months before i would work up enough courage to call the police to come help me or assit me and when i did – it was me who would get falsely arrested, charged then found rightfully innocent by the judge in the court proceedings

    i have lost my sense of being in a community i have lost the faith of a future, i have tried to take my life on a couple of seperate occassions but failed to kill myself tho on the inside i am dead,. i state i am not suicidal at the moment or in danger of self harm i am in a safe place at the moment and around careing people who are aware of me.

    in the past i have been drugged, rapped, made out to be a monster where even my family for a time did not believe me, the female whom assaulted me was also the mother of my 16 year old daughter who also has been made to hate me through made up stories or stories of truth but with me being the monster not the victim. i am a man who does not want my baby daughter knowing that it is actually her mother. even tho i was found innocent i was still put through the process of the courts and for me to even think leading up to court aduernment after aduernment thinking/beleiving i could be going to jail for 11 years for somthing i did not do but actual fact was done to me.

    i dont want my kids to know the truth of there mother, i am so effected by whats happened, and the lack of support or understanding for a male in my position. i am ment to forget or be this strong person and find incomprihendable strength to attack or go up against the monster who has destroyed me, even with employment agencies, i am ment to be able to continue to there standards which dont account for how torn apart and disstressed i am for my self, my baby my situation,.. i just want to hug my baby and never let go. i dont want to fight

    the family law is horrible there seems to be a line which they draw which when crossed both partys have to fight. there doesnt seem to be middle ground for persons with true compassion for life.

    I am sorry but i actually have forgotten why i started typing, but assure you i am in a safe place, every single thing in and around life, all connects with life, children are the future, they are all that matter. I have to reconise that it will bring me more pain to continue the fight within the path that i am facing. it’s a very small chance that i would win any comfort in the final outcome. I just can not be selfish, it’s not about me or what i want or even what i deserve. its about moving foward with love and kindness for all. it just proves very difficult with human emotion and when the purest of things being involved – that being all of our future – our future being our children. the world isnt ours but we inhabit it the children of this earth are our all of our because they are the future. and babys love thier mothers they love thier fathers, we are all conected, we are all related in some way even if its only from us being one race. we need to evolve the system to help all of us evolve the system to suit all people so that us as people can also evolve.

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