Sexual abuse and sexual assault happens to boys and men

You don’t have to face it alone

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CSC5846 Living Well DL Brochure 2018-3


Counselling and support

We offer counselling and support to men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault, as well as to their partners, friends and family. We are sensitive to the role and influences of gender, sexuality, physical ability, learning difficulties, mental health issues, age, religious beliefs and cultural and linguistic diversity of every one of our clients.


We know child sexual abuse and sexual assault can have a profound impact on men’s lives and relationships. It can lead to overwhelming feelings of shame, guilt and anger, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, eating issues, as well as relationship and sexual difficulties, plus physical health problems and further victimisation.

Help is available

We also know that men who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted benefit from counselling and support and can go on to live, rich full lives, develop healthy, mutually supportive relationships and make positive contributions within our communities.

Sometimes it can be good to get things out of your head and talk…

We offer

Face to face counselling

We understand it can be hard to access support. Seeing an experienced counsellor, one on one, gives you an opportunity to identify and discuss what is important for you in your life. You can talk with someone who will listen — and won’t judge, condemn or blame you. Our counsellors do not require you to talk in detail about childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault, if you don’t wish to.

Telephone counselling

Sometimes it can be easier or preferable to ask questions and talk things through with an experienced counsellor on the phone. Don’t let distance or transport difficulties get in the way of you getting the help you deserve.

Web counselling

Men and their supporters can now access a secure online counselling service. We offer email, live chat and video counselling by appointment.

Website www.livingwell.org.au

You are here! :) Our site provides information and resources specifically designed to assist men who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted, partners, family and friends and service providers.

Support to engage with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Assistance with submission preparation, attendance and debriefing, plus longer term support and counselling to men, their partners, families and friends and employees of past care providers.

Group support

Our professionally facilitated groups offer a supportive environment where men can meet and work together to address difficulties and build positive lives, and relationships.

Training and consultation

Practical assistance to service providers includes clinical supervision, professional development, consultation and workshops that build workers’ confidence in working with men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault.

Our services are free or low cost

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