Fiona Hasson

Service Coordinator

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Gillian Meteyard


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Jonathon Ray


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Former Staff

Jessica Decker

Specialist Counsellor

Jess is a registered psychologist with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from Griffith University. She has been a counsellor & specialist counsellor for Anglicare SQ since 2008, working in the areas of relationships, mental health, trauma, and grief and loss. She has worked particularly with adolescents and young people, with children who have experienced abuse, and with family relationships. She has held other roles in the areas of alcohol and other drugs, domestic and family violence, homelessness, and grief and loss. Prior to becoming a psychologist Jess worked in IT, supporting, developing and building websites and applications. The combination of these two skill groups – counselling and technology – lead naturally into researching, developing and engaging in online counselling services, and thinking about other ways technology can be used to improve wellbeing. Jess has worked with Living Well since 2010 to develop web-based resources, supports and the Living Well App, and also to provide face-to-face, telephone, and online counselling. If you ever leave a comment or question on our website, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr it is most likely Jess who will respond. When she’s not at Living Well she will be working in private practice.

Cameron Boyd


Dr Cameron Boyd was employed by Living Well to help with writing content for the website and mobile app. He is based in Melbourne where he works as a counsellor, assisting adults who have experienced sexual abuse. Cameron graduated from University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1994. In 2013 he completed his PhD at Deakin University, on the topic of professional understandings of the effects of child sexual abuse. Cameron has previously worked in a range of counselling and research settings, focusing primarily on assisting people who have been subjected to violence.

Gary Foster

Founder – Manager

Dr Gary Foster’s work and research interests centre on addressing the problem of violence.  He is the founder and manager of Living Well, a service that provides assistance to men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault, to their partners, family and friends and also to service providers. Gary was a police officer in the Metropolitan Police London for 15 years, where he co-coordinated a domestic violence unit. He has a Bachelor of Social Work and has worked as a Male Children’s Worker in a women and children’s refuge, as well as a Domestic Violence Program Coordinator addressing men’s violence against female partners. Gary’s doctoral thesis ‘Male Rape and the Government of Bodies’ examined the limits of current understandings and governmental responses to the problem of male rape. He has taught at the University of Queensland in the areas of gender, sexuality and family violence. Gary has presented at national and international conferences in relation to working with men subjected to sexual abuse and co-authored Living Well: A Guide for Men. He is a member of the Advisory Group for the Australian Centre Against Sexual Assault and on the Advisory Board of 1in6.org.

Heather Lord

Specialist Counsellor

Heather Lord, a clinical social worker, joined the Living Well team in 2011 as a specialist counsellor (sexual assault). She has worked for over 8 years in sexual assault services based in the community, hospitals and in private practice, assisting men and women to manage the trauma of recent sexual assault, or to address difficulties in their lives and relationships after living with the experience and effects of childhood sexual abuse. Heather holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Queensland. With over 30 years’ experience working in community services, hospitals, government agencies and in private practice, she has extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of child development and child protection, family relationships, mental health, many areas of health and illness across all stages of life, disability support, crisis intervention, domestic violence, grief and loss, sexual abuse and sexual assault, and complex trauma. She has a keen interest in assisting men and women to understand the effects of trauma and loss in their lives, to be better able to identify feelings and express these effectively, to teach new strategies for coping well and for regaining a sense of personal control, and to draw on their own strengths and many capacities to find greater meaning, purpose and direction in their lives and relationships. She is constantly inspired by the people with whom she works and from whom she learns.

Cate Harvey

Specialist Counsellor

Cate Harvey worked as a Specialist Male Sexual Assault counsellor with the Living Well service from 2009. She was a social worker who had a particular interest in how grief, loss and traumatic life events can shape lives and impact on relationships in both positive and in negative ways. She had broad clinical experience in assisting people who have experienced family and domestic violence including sexual assault and elder abuse, across a range of government and community settings and within both health and legal contexts. Cate held a Bachelors degree from Macquarie University, a Bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Queensland and Postgraduate Diplomas from the University of Sydney and from Queensland University of Technology where she also taught in both the undergraduate and postgraduate Social Work and Human Services programs.

Brenton Harris


Brenton is a registered psychologist who has been working with individuals and couples for twelve years. Previously he has worked with the QLD rural mental health service, with Anglicare SQ providing family and relationship counselling, and in private practice. He has also worked with Living Well for a number of years, providing counselling and support to men who have experienced sexual abuse. Brenton is passionate about Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT); a functional contextual cognitive therapy. The processes in ACT inform his approach to working with clients. The first main focus is to assist clients in making emotional contact with a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. That may be in areas for their relationships with themselves, others, work, spirituality, or other relevant area of their life. The second broad focus is around improving awareness of the relationship clients have with their emotional and psychological landscape, and how that may interfere with living a life consistent with their chosen values. He works consistently with the three phase approach to trauma counselling; safety and stabilisation, processing, and integration. In his spare time, Brenton enjoys gardening and aikido.


  1. Comment by Damien

    Damien Reply July 24, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Guys the website is fantastic and gives me a resource to turn to when I am low

    Keep up the great work and know that the work you do helps in some way or another for survivors like myself!

    Have a great day

  2. Comment by Ellahe

    Ellahe Reply October 20, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks for this fabulous work and site.

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